Financial Inclusion

One loan, one livelihood, one community at a time. Avanti is building a digital spine to help 100 Million households be financially self-sufficient

The Avanti Difference


Digital Applications

Apply on mobile in under 10 minutes


Crowdsourced products

Community designed credit products to serve its needs



Repayment schedule aligned with people’s livelihood flow



Transparent process and Assisted mode

Open-access, flexible digital platform

Avanti Platform is an open-access digital financial spine, flexible enough for users and partners to create, curate and deploy the financial products
they need in a touchless, presenceless and cashless interface with our users.



No paper documents to sign or write on. All done on mobile app.



No branches. Local community experts guide you.



Purely digital from disbursement to repayment.

Avanti for Partners

Avanti's partners are some of the leading social impact organisations in India. Avanti believes that livelihood transformation is possible only with the creation of community owned local capacity. Our partners focused on livelihood creation and have deep expertise. Avanti is privileged to serve our partners, amplifying them to deliver impact at societal scale.


Local Capacity Building

Avanti uses credit operations as a means to create sustainable local capacity, co-owned by the community. Our vision is to leave communities we engage self sufficient and with agency


Open Digital Spine

Avanti Platform is open for use to philanthropic funds, commercial sources, other NBFCs, MFIs and Banks. Poverty is our only competition.


Custodians not Gatekeepers

Avanti sees itself as custodians of user and community data. Data of both users and communities is valuable. That value and data belongs to the people. Our users own the data, they can

If you are a partner who's mission and passion is transformation of livelihoods of the underserved and keen on partnering with Avanti, drop us a note.

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Every loan is an impact story

Our Vision

Avanti believes personal agency, strong community, and local knowledge fuelled by financial services is at the heart of the world shedding the yoke of poverty for good. The vision is a platform where the neediest on the planet can instantly access the credit, capital and financial services they need to thrive at terms on par with those enjoyed by the first billion.

Our Mission

Provide access to credit & affordable financial services in a timely manner to drive sustainable livelihoods & community owned local capacity to service 100 million households