Avanti Finance Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) has framed the Customer Service Policy (hereafter referred to as “Customer Service Policy” or “the Policy”) in accordance with the regulatory requirements specified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
2.Objectives of the Policy
The objective of the Customer Service Policy is to ensure all customers are treated fairly and without bias; issues raised by customers are attended and dealt with utmost care and resolved within a reasonable time; customers are made aware of their rights and alternative remedies if they are not satisfied with the response or resolution to their complaint.
3.Categories of Customer’s Communications
Query – General inquiries, primarily relating to loans, interest rates, repayment terms, eligibility norms, categories of loans, eligibility criteria, terms of financing / refinancing etc.
Request – Requests for obtaining any valid services including financing or refinancing support by the customers directly.
Grievance – A communication by prospective / existing customers that expresses dissatisfaction because of lack of action, inadequate quality of services.
Complaint – Related to staff misbehaviour, cheating / fraud, false commitments, mis-conduct with the customers.
Suggestion / Feedback – suggestions / feedback with respect to its operations, policies or practices.
4.Mechanism for complaints
Customer can lodge his / her grievance through any of the following channels:

Complaint in Person: A customer can lodge a complaint in person during working hours at any of the branches with the designated officer.
Complaints through post / mail / email/box: Customers can also submit their grievances by post at the following address or through email at customerservice@avantifinance.in by giving full disclosures and details of the complainant and giving specific instances of the cause of complaint.
Addressed to: Head Operations, 3rd Floor Elphinstone Building, Veer Nariman Road, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai 400001. Telephone – 022 62352121

5.Recording and tracking of Complaints
All the complaints received is recorded and tracked for end-to-end resolution in a spreadsheet format. Complaint MIS is published and shared to the management on quarterly basis for quality control.