Self Employed Women’s Association


SEWA is the first of its kind women organization whose 19 million women entrepreneur members in 14 Indian states earn their memberships by demonstrating responsible savings behaviour over the last four decades through decision making confidence, financial inclusion and micro enterprise.

Avanti platform co-created the credit product as per the requirement of flexible moratorium period, principal amounts and repayment schedules. It also captured the true purpose of the loan ground zero granularity such as “starting a vegetable stall” or “opening a general store” instead of organization defined labels such as “livelihood”

Avanti’s experiment with SEWA displayed excellent adoption of digital technology and cashless transactions, through community leaders that emerged to assist others. We experienced zero default and under 1% late payments.



Madhya Pradesh

Ekgaon’s 16-year journey of aggregating and organizing farmers has been exceptional. The transparency that their technology brings short-circuits the farm to the market route. The buyers are better educated and growers get a greater share of the value they create. Use of geotagging, QR codes, digital inventory and order management ensure unprecedented accountability. So far, they have given farm-advise to 300,000 farmers. Their platform today has 25,000 farmers and 90 FPOs 15 districts of India.

Avanti platform allowed the creation of a credit product that was flexible enough to plug all the credit gaps in the value chain - from sowing to harvesting to marketing, by bundling input and harvest loans to individual farmers and working capital loan to their FPO.

Ekgaon has been able to create an alternate supply chain with community-based produce aggregators known as Farm Level Aggregators, Community level Aggregators and market partners. They have moved over 265 MT of grains. The communities have now started value addition in Maize, paddy, soya, several pulses and spices and won several awards for their work. 



Uttar Pradesh

BASIX is a new generation, livelihood promotion institution spread over 3.5 million customers, over 90% being rural poor households and about 10% urban slum dwellers. BASIX works in 18 states, 223 districts and over 39,251 villages. It adopts uniquely placed strategy called "Livelihood Triad” which provides a comprehensive set of livelihood promotion services including Financial Inclusion Services (FINS), Agricultural / Business Development Services (Ag/BDS) and Institutional Development Services (IDS) to rural poor households under one umbrella.

Avanti’s digital credit process coupled with customized user centric product design model has created a favourable approach for the end consumers by enhancing effectiveness in terms of appropriateness, affordability and timeliness.


Davinta Technologies


Davinta Technologies is a distinguished technology service provider with a vision to create financial technologies and services for the unbanked, under-banked and under-served whilst striving for financial inclusion. Davinta provides the last mile with a host of services in micro banking to by linking them to formal and semi-formal financial institutions. Avanti’s experiment with Davinta is designed to leverage and amplify Davinta’s core strength which their extensive agent network penetrating into rural communities. Davinta has trained multiple kirana shop owners to be loan agents for rural communities thus making the kirana shop the front end for onboarding borrowers. With the help of these agents, Avanti has implemented a 100% cashless repayment model.

“Digital transactions has unlocked the potential of the digital universe of the customers. One entrepreneur started with learning digital transactions to repay Avanti loans. He then started exploring the smartphone further. He now uses his phone to do a comparative analysis of goods he needs to procure on the phone as opposed to the options available in his local markets. He uses this knowledge to negotiate the best price and quality for procurement.” -Nalini Chinta, Avanti Executive.


SMV Green Solutions

Uttar Pradesh

SMV Green Solutions offers affordable, clean and safe mobility in the last mile transportation. SMV’s  vision is to upgrade existing 10 million manual rickshaw and trolley pullers to electronic rickshaws thus eliminating the drudgery of cycle rickshaw pulling. SMV works with many organisations to bridge the gaps in the e rickshaw value chains and facilitates forwards backward and credit linkages for the rickshaw puller.

Avanti’s collaboration with SMV has created an opportunity for these rickshaw pullers to access timely credit at a competitive rate. Avanti platform has made it possible for these rickshaw pullers to access credit with no physical documentation. Avanti’s frictionless digital platform of loan application and approval enables the drivers to avoid the opportunity cost entailed in making multiple physical visits to other credit providers for documentation & verification.

Avanti also provided credit support to young women in Uttar Pradesh to become e rickshaw drivers. These women call themselves Vahinis and are now proud breadwinners of their families.

“ Avanti has been instrumental in facilitating access to finance for unserved community and enabling them to become owner of electric vehicle. Avanti Platform has not only helped beneficiaries earn dignified livelihood but also created a pathway for creating digital footprints for the underserved and unbanked communities ” Naveen Krishna (Founder, SMV Green Solutions)


Association for Sarva Seva Farms


Association for Sarva Seva Farms (ASSEFA), as a voluntary social organization, genesis goes back to Boodan (land gift) movement and extra ordinary services of Sarvodayee leaders. In its 5-decade long journey they evolved into a community driven  initiated welfare programs. Currently they are active in over 16 districts of Tamil Nadu. Through their unique approach of reaching out, they have been able to work closely with the needy and enhance the economic and social status of their communities.

 ASSEFA adopts bottom up approach in planning, designing and implementing its projects. ASSEFA's extensive network of highly skilled Internet Saathis who have trained 1,800,000 women in digital literacy across 10,000 villages in Tamil Nadu. Saathi’s deep community expertise is a driving force behind our credit operations, financial awareness and product co-creation process

Avanti’s platform enables ASSEFA’s stakeholders to access low cost credit specifically designed for their unique community needs. ASSEFA’s strong network of Saathis entrenched in the community will act as value chain experts to provide credit to the borrowers that is relevant to their needs.